What's all this about then?

A while ago now I was listening to my favorite radio station and I heard a new song I really liked, but I didn't get to hear its name and by the time I got to check their site it was too late to see what it was. I thought it would be really nice if the station had a last.fm account, so I could go back and see what they were playing back then, and I'd also be able to easily see what songs they were playing the most and what my compatibility was with them. I figured that was something I could set up, so I made a little script that would occasionally check their site and post what they were playing to last.fm. After that started running, I thought it would be pretty nice if I could also post those songs to last.fm while I was listening to the station, so I modified the script a bit and started running it on my computer when I was listening. After I had added a few more stations, and those last.fm accounts started getting lots of friends, I realized that other people might also want to scrobble along with them, so I converted the script to a website, and here we are!

How do I use it?

Log in, then click the green "Scrobble Along" button on the station that you want to scrobble along with. When you want to stop, click the "Stop Scrobbling" button.

How can I contact you or keep up with the latest news?

Last.fm is the best way for both. I'm esemarte on there, so sending me a message or a shout will get my attention. If you don't have an account or don't want to use last.fm to contact me, you can send me an email but I might not keep a close eye on that inbox. To keep up to date with any news or updates, check the last.fm group I made for the site.

When I log in do I need to give you my last.fm password?

No, I never see your login details. Authentication and security is handled by last.fm, as long as you are logged in there you just need to tell last.fm that you are giving this site permission to scrobble on your behalf. Even though I use last.fm for authentication, it doesn't mean that you need to stay logged in to last.fm to keep scrobbling, once you give permission to this site it works independently, so you can log out of last.fm and stay logged in to ScrobbleAlong, or you can log out of ScrobbleAlong and stay logged in to last.fm. It also means that if you ever change your mind and want to stop ScrobbleAlong from doing anything to your last.fm account, you can go to your account settings at last.fm and remove the site from your connected applications.

Are you affiliated with the stations?

No, not at all, I don't work for them and don't have any influence over what they play, this is entirely unofficial. In fact, I don't even own some of the last.fm accounts of the stations I'm displaying, so I can't do anything if they stop working for some reason. The stations that I don't manage personally will not have "made by esemarte" in the "About Me" section on last.fm.

How does this all work?

If you want more technical details about how all this works, you can check out the code here. I also wrote a blog post about the original implemenation here and a short post about a rewrite I did here.